Legal Professionals and Accountability

March 20, 2017

As professionals we need to be held accountable to our clients.

As professionals we need to be prepared, and to do our level best on behalf of our clients.

We as attorneys and legal professionals have an obligation to communicate clearly and openly with our clients.

As I have explained in the past, as attorneys we need to understand the law, to work within the bounds of the law and the legal system for our clients, and to demystify the law and the legal system for our clients.

To simplify and explain and to help the clients make sense of it.

That is not to say that an attorney can guaranty the results of every engagement or representation. Far from it.

With all of the vagaries of the legal system, and inconsistencies in judges, attorneys cannot guaranty results.

Years ago, Steve Lindseth told me I was the only attorney he had ever worked with who had ever done what he said, when he said and for how much he said.

I was taken aback by the comment at the time, as I felt that surely other attorneys had met this standard of accountability for my client. Perhaps not?

I tell all of our attorneys and staff that we need to be accountable to our clients every day and in every way

At a minimum we can all do what we say, when we say, and for how much we say, for our valued clients

This is what it means to be accountable.

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