If your trial lawyer says “don’t worry,” worry.

If your trial lawyer says “don’t worry,” worry.

May 17, 2016

Without divulging confidence, I am aware of a recent case where the defendant’s trial lawyer told him that he had absolutely nothing to worry about.

The plaintiff’s arguments were both false and inherently unbelievable, so the defense attorney said that they did not need to be taken seriously or defended against.

I am here to tell you that no matter how false or unbelievable your adversary’s arguments are, you need to have an attorney who will take the charges seriously, defend against them and refute them.

Why? With no defense, the plaintiff can very possibly perpetrate a fraud on the court. And, the plaintiff will “win” if a court or jury accepts these false arguments, no matter how unbelievable.

If your trial lawyer says, “don’t worry,” I recommend that you worry – about your counsel!

My advice would be to immediately replace him or her. If you find yourself in such a situation, feel free to contact me for a second opinion.

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