Business Buyers Can Take Advantage of the Very Imperfect Market For Private Businesses

Business Buyers Can Take Advantage of the Very Imperfect Market For Private Businesses

April 10, 2017

We have assisted clients with their acquisition of ongoing businesses for several decades. We have, during that period, assisted with quite literally hundreds of business transactions, including well over 100 acquisitions.

While some of our clients have been well-established businesses, we have helped individuals acquire dozens of ongoing businesses.

As a general rule, our clients have succeeded with their acquired operating businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

I recently heard an institutional acquirer of operating businesses complain that he only sees acquisition opportunities that are aggressively shopped, and that there are typically at least three to five serious bids or offers, causing these businesses to sell for inflated multiples.

We are here to tell you that our experience is very different.

In our experience, the market for privately-held businesses is very imperfect. There is no effective New York Stock Exchange or even eBay for privately-held businesses. For every privately-held business that is marketed by an investment banker, another sells by word of mouth or otherwise without any competitive bidding.

We are convinced that the very imperfect market for privately held businesses creates tremendous opportunity for the prospective buyer who is willing to search aggressively, turn over every stone, and stop at nothing to find the right acquisition opportunities.

We encourage readers who are interested in taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity for private business acquisition to call us or contact us about acquisitions via email.

We can assist you with private business acquisition, as we have assisted so many to achieve the American Dream by way of acquiring an operating business.

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