When You Should See the Tree, Not The Forest

When You Should See the Tree, Not The Forest

July 10, 2016

In an earlier post, I noted the importance of working with a seasoned professional. In all things, especially those that are important, risky or both, the customer is by far and away best served by someone who has been there and done that – whether it’s an experienced business lawyer, a doctor, or another professional.

Don’t believe advertising claiming that all professionals in a large organization are first class.

Large professional service firms would like for you to believe that every professional in their organization is top flight, seasoned, and customer committed.

  • One local law firm advertises that it is a single worldwide I suppose their marketing team would like for prospective customers to believe that all the firm’s professionals are top flight because they are all members of a single partnership?
  • A large hospital locally advertises that they offer world-class care. Their marketing team would like for prospective patients to believe that all of their professionals are at the top of their games, and among the very best in the world.

Well not to burst their bubbles, but it isn’t so. Far from it.

  • I am sure the law firm with one partnership worldwide has some top-flight attorneys among its ranks.
  • I am also sure that the hospital has some top-flight physicians on board.

The only thing that matters is whether the professional representing you is top-flight and is giving your matter his full attention.

But for you, the customer, what really matters at the end of the day is making one hundred percent certain that you have the undivided attention and full commitment of one of the top-flight professionals at that law firm or hospital. Not just anybody.

If you are hiring a lawyer, it makes a tremendous amount of difference which of the professionals at the law firm you are working with, and whether you have his or her full attention and commitment.

It is not enough to hire the right firm, you need to have the right professional working on your matter.

To illustrate, A good friend of mine was not feeling well. He had been going to the same hospital all his life. However, the hospital, or at least his physician at the hospital, did not have a solution. Eventually, after countless visits and batteries of tests, the physician recommended a specific course of action.

Since my friend had heart problems and my brother Hugh is a noted cardiologist, I asked my friend if he wanted my brother to review his charts and the recommended course of action.

My friend took me up on this offer and sent my brother his charts.  After my brother and his colleagues reviewed them, they determined my friend’s condition had been misdiagnosed.  My friend was mystified why his condition had been misdiagnosed when he had gone to such a well-respected hospital.

My brother and his colleagues recommended a course of action that included surgery.  The person they recommended to my friend was a top surgeon at the very same hospital that my friend had been dealing with all along.

All went very well, and today my friend credits my brother with saving his life because my brother was knowledgeable, gave my friend his full time and attention, correctly diagnosed the condition, and recommended the surgeon who ultimately performed the surgery that addressed the condition.

What would have happened if my friend had continued with the physician who had misdiagnosed his condition? We will never know.

Per my friend, my brother saved his life by essentially getting him in to see the top-flight, seasoned and committed surgeon who so effectively treated the condition.

Moral of the story: it all comes down to selecting the right professional–one has been there and done that.  It is not a matter of selecting a professional services firm (be it a law firm or hospital) but having a seasoned and committed professional who will take responsibility for effectively assisting you.

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