The Critical Importance of One Fully Committed Top Notch Professional

The Critical Importance of One Fully Committed Top Notch Professional

September 26, 2016

I’d say what any business really needs to help it navigate the maze of business and legal issues and other challenges is one fully committed top notch professional.

Not a full service firm…

Not a large organization…

Not a large team…

What is needed is a single fully committed top notch professional with a great deal of experience. This person could be a business consultant or a business transaction lawyer.

That professional needs to be well educated and trained.



Top rated.

In other words, top notch.

But frankly all of that is just the start. A business needs all of that, and in addition the business lawyer or professional needs to be fully committed.

Fully aware.

Fully engaged.

Concerned about and focused on the concerns and needs of and the challenges facing the client.

Let me illustrate with a real life example:

Recently a contact of mine underwent surgery at a leading health care system in this area.

The surgeon was one of the top – if not the top – professionals in that specialty at that health care system.

Well, it turns out that he in all likelihood made an “incomplete diagnosis” of the problem, and therefore the surgery failed to address the underlying problem, which remains unresolved.

The patient in all likelihood will have to have the surgery done all over again, because the professional erred, and while he performed the surgery he had not done a complete diagnosis and he therefore failed to resolve the issue.

Here is my point:

The health care system in question was/ is well respected and top rated.

The “team” at the health care system institution is large, full service, again well respected and top rated.

But because the professional in question was for whatever reason not fully committed and engaged, in other words failed to pay careful attention to the patient and to doing the job/ diagnosing the problem and performing the surgery properly, notwithstanding the reputation and strength of the health care system and the team and presumably the professional, there was a breakdown in delivery of the service.

Any business needs a top notch and fully committed professional to help it navigate the maze of legal issues it can reasonably expect to encounter.

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