Shareholder Value for Digital Marketing Firms

Shareholder Value for Digital Marketing Firms

November 27, 2017

The Center for Free Enterprise’s November 17 Program Summary

November’s program had the largest attendance yet in our string of sold-out events.

Hats off to our sponsors JP Morgan Private Bank, a leading provider of wealth management solutions and advice and an important segment of JP Morgan Chase, the largest US bank and the 6th largest bank in the world.

Another hats off to David Brown of Red Hawk Associates for recruiting our panel. And of course thank you to our esteemed panel consisting of:

Mark Goren is the founder and CEO of Point to Point, Inc., a nationally recognized B2B demand generation company, focused on building products, industrial, and food manufacturing segments. He has launched and led a number of businesses including ETI Software, a company that was purchased by Adobe Systems.

Andy Halko founded Insivia in 2002, a Strategic Consulting & Digital Business firm working with middle-market and fortune 500 companies around the country. Primarily focused on Commercial Real Estate and AEC companies, Insivia drives lead generation, employee engagement, and customer communications.

Scot Lowry, CEO, joined Fathom in 2007 when he and Kevin Shaw acquired the company during the transition from early stage investors to the long term ownership structure currently in place. Fathom focuses on driving sales and revenues for mid market businesses. A particular focus has been driving enrollments of sought-after students for universities which increasingly compete for students who are of course making an important and costly investment.

These three digital marketing firms are all major players with employee head counts of 25, 20, and 100, respectively.

Digital marketing firms increasingly specialize and focus on particular types of businesses and all three of these have done that.

No longer is it adequate or sufficient to have a website – one that has been “search engine optimized.” Increasingly, digital marketing firms are needed to drive branding and marketing to produce online sales, and with that, revenues. These firms’ involvement with the clients is ongoing/ continuous.

While the businesses of the panelists are not in a position to handle the digital marketing needs of all businesses, the panelists will do their best to refer out business that they are not in a position to handle themselves.

Look out for our next CFE event announcement, coming soon.

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