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December 21, 2019

I didn’t want to let the holidays arrive and the year end without taking the opportunity to send you and yours my very best wishes!

I feel so blessed by my family and many friends, old and new, at these special times.  I feel so grateful for such wonderful people.

Speaking of family, I am truly blessed.  My parents, ages 99 and 96, are still married and at home together on the family farm in Hamburg, New York.  We still have (too big) family Christmases and Thanksgivings together, and so much more.  My eight siblings are well and their children are thriving.  As are my children.  Sarah and George live in San Francisco, where Sarah works at McKinsey, and they welcomed a baby, also George, this past January.  Bradley works hard to launch his various businesses here in Northeast Ohio.  Tricia lives in Palo Alto and works at HP and reportedly dreams of snowy Winters.  Haley works in NYC for Key Capital Markets.

My career blossoms in ways that exceed what I could have hoped or planned for, thanks to many of you.  My concept of an expert yet cost effective business law boutique is appealing to business owners who appreciate the expertise, experience, responsiveness and cost effectiveness of the new model.

The Center for Free Enterprise, which I co-founded with a dear friend, continues to welcome crowds of business leaders and to set attendance and subscription records.  Our November program featured my brother Tim Calkins, who is a professor at Kellogg and who spoke about business presentations generally and his new book, How to Wash a Chicken, to our largest crowd ever.  See below for the video of his presentation.  And buy the book here.

My family sheep farm makes nice strides. I envision producing seed stock and to resume exhibiting the sheep.  We will give our related High Meadow Skin Care a needed boost with a Kickstarter launching on March 1.  Watch for it and thank you in advance for supporting it.

My other outside interests flourish also, whether it is 4H or my new church or my alumni clubs or my many other activities in the community.

I was reminded of the importance of civic involvement when I participated in a group in my town that managed to elect a majority of the local school board and then to combine our local schools with the adjoining district schools to increase student opportunity and reduce taxes.  Get involved locally and nationally as involvement can and does matter!

While I am the eternal optimist, in the interest of presenting a balanced picture, the path has been uphill at times for me as it probably is at times for everyone.  I was pretty well wiped out in the collapsed economy of a decade ago.  Remarkably, three of the law firms where I toiled, prior to and during the collapse, actually went out of business amidst the collapse. My divorce was nothing short of ruinous.  And for over two years I have been dealing with a health related issue, which may finally be under control albeit with treatments continuing for another two years.  Despite these and other very real challenges I am doing better than ever and am happier than I ever was in most of my earlier years, thanks to my faith, my family, my friends and my resilience (for which I also credit my family).  What doesn’t kill us makes us better and stronger, right? I look at my Father at 99 and plan a bright and active future.

I picked up the following image at my Aunt Ann’s memorial service/ celebration of life. So true!

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