Ohio’s CAUV Case Stays in Court

November 28, 2016

Case Brought by Farmers Against State of Ohio For Excessive Taxation (CAUV) of Ag Real Estate Proceeds

Early in 2016 a group of Northeast Ohio farmers approached Calkins Law Firm founder Ben Calkins to seek his help in challenging Ohio’s application of its so-called CAUV system of taxation of farm land. Ben Calkins enlisted the help and leadership for this case from noted class action attorneys Kevin T. Roberts, Josh Cohen, and Jim Rosenthal and a complaint was filed later in 2016.

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge French recently denied the State’s Motion to Dismiss and mapped out a path for the case to move forward.

Read a recent article from the Farm and Dairy Newspaper which supplies additional details on the case, including statements by Mr. Roberts, and its recent progress. If the link does not work, a PDF version of the article is available for reading.

You can also read a copy of the Court’s order denying the State’s motion to dismiss which is of course public record.

We at CLF are pleased to be assisting Ohio’s struggling farmers in this important Ag Real Estate case, along with Messrs. Roberts, Cohen and Rosenthal.

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