CFE Recap: Inside the Investor’s Mind pt. 2

CFE Recap: Inside the Investor’s Mind pt. 2

February 5, 2017

On January 20, 2017 The Center for Free Enterprise held another sold out event to get inside the investors mind.

The event’s guest speaker, Dick Hollington from Capital Works, recently won the award for Deal Maker of the Year.

The event started off with Mr. Hollington talking about how he decided to get into private equity and then how he achieved so much success in his work.

Mr. Hollington touched upon how he feels confident in our economy for 2017, and how that will help private equity for the months to come.

Mr. Hollington shared some issues he has come across and some guidance he could give to the audience. For example, Mr. Hollington talked about how employee regulations have changed and how there is a lot more liability, higher healthcare costs, and problems with getting new employees to show up to work.

Hollington told the audience he tries to get the leaders running his businesses to think like he does, by providing equity incentives.

Overall, it was an excellent program that gave the audience an opportunity to network and walk away with practical knowledge that will hopefully help them in their careers.

Here are some key takeaways from Dick Hollington:

  • Relationships between buyer or seller are very important
  • One wants to be management’s favorite buyer
  • Bring in investment bankers who are familiar with the industry, early on
  • Using search firms is a great way to find businesses
  • One needs everything one has learned every day, to be successful in private equity investing
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