An Investor’s Mind: Startups, M&A, Growth Capital & More

An Investor’s Mind: Startups, M&A, Growth Capital & More

December 4, 2016

On November 18th, The Center for Free Enterprise hosted it’s eighth straight sold-out event at the Cleveland Racquet Club.

Inside the Investor’s Mind:

Eric Bacon, Co-President and Senior Managing Director of Linsalata Capital Partners, shared his approach towards today’s markets, his personal investing experience, and career path.  He started his career in the automotive industry and got involved in private equity, leading to his position today. Audience members asked great questions including what mistakes has he made, what lessons has he learned from those mistakes, and what are his views of the industry today.

Eric said that he believes, “We’re on the forefront of capitalism, and that’s competition.” Eric shared his greatest success with the audience and explained that he achieved it by making sure he had the right team working together. Overall, it was an excellent turnout, with a very engaged audience that received practical knowledge to use with their own investments.

Here are some key takeaways from Eric Bacon:

  • Don’t make leadership changes too late
  • Can get caught in mistakes if you believe in investment bankers too much
  • Need to understand what a CEO wants
  • Make sure you have the right management team
  • Meet operating managers to see how suitable they are for venture

David Brown of Red Hawk Associates moderated the November 18 program. The Center for Free Enterprise sends a special thanks to Greg Keegan and Ken Greaney of Key Private Bank for continuing to support our programs.

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