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The education, ratings, expertise and experience of the largest of law firms with the efficiency, agility, responsiveness and value of a modern, decentralized legal practice.

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What Our Clients Like About Us
  • Value

    Every single matter we handle is facilitated by Ben Calkins directly. Our firm uses different legal resources to keep costs low but your primary point of contact will always be with Ben directly.

  • Access and Accountability

    Our network of attorneys provides the value of a large firm at the cost of a modern, decentralized legal practice.

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Business Law Resources
  • Why We Offer Complimentary Initial Consultations

    The old adage that “nothing in life is free” is a basic truism that’s hard to argue with. But every now and then, complimentary really doesn’t come with strings attached. That’s true when it comes to Calkins Law Firm’s...

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  • Our Clients Are In Charge

    At Calkins Law Firm, our sole objective (within the bounds of the law) is to further the interests of our client. We operate based on the simple rule that the client is in charge. And from experience, we can say that every client is different. How Clients...

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  • Entrepreneurs: It Takes One To Know One

    Day in and day out, entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do. No matter their need, we’re always working on behalf of our clients. And though it’s our pleasure to delight clients with our expertise and affordability, it’s...

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  • Addressing Default Judgments In the Time of COVID

    Every week we hear from folks who were unaware of a case opened against them and who also, unbeknownst to them, lost the case by default. What recourse does an uninformed defendant have? 

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  • An Early Expert’s Report Offers a Distinct Advantage

    There is a distinct advantage to investing early in an expert's report, even when it isn’t required.

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  • The Value of a Demand Letter

    When a prospective client contacts us and explains that they have a claim to assert, I will almost invariably recommend and propose that they engage us to prepare a demand letter for submission to the opposing party. Here’s why.

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Satisfied Client Testimonials
  • Corporate Acquisition Counsel


    "I engaged Ben Calkins as our lead attorney when acquiring the Automotive Components Remanufacturing Division from TRW. This was an exceptionally involved acquisition. Throughout this tedious, tenuous, and at times frustrating ordeal he remained cool, calm and a decisive asset. He is adroit, technically astute, and professional in every instance."

    ~ Roy

  • Enjoyed the Process


    "I really enjoyed the process of using this firm. They explained the whole process and were very responsive with any questions I had."

    ~ Westley

  • Satisfied Client


    "Ben Calkins represented our firm with a very difficult business asset purchase. The seller was not motivated, difficult to work with and changed the agreement quite a few times adding two or three extra months to close the deal. Ben remained calm but more important kept me calm and balanced throughout the entire process. I will enlist Ben’s help for our next acquisition."

    ~ Ken

  • Highly Recommended for New Business Owners


    "I would highly recommend Ben Calkins to anyone starting their own business. I knew it was important to have my business set up properly from a legal perspective, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Ben is clearly knowledgeable and experienced with law, but beyond that you can tell he is passionate about business and entrepreneurs. He took a genuine interest in setting up my business for success, providing quality legal expertise at an affordable price."

    ~ Katy

  • Ben Calkins Authors Exceptional Agreements


    "Some lawyers just understand the nuances of employment and partnership agreements. I trust Ben Calkins to provide exceptional contract agreements, and I have worked with his firm on multiple occasions to safeguard my assets and intellectual property in complex ventures. I continue to recommend and turn to Mr. Calkins for both entrepreneurial and legal counsel. He sets the bar for how more lawyers should practice law… truly for the good of all."

    ~ David

  • CLF vs Specialty and Prominent Old Style Law Firms


    "I was sued by a former employer a year ago and engaged a prominent old style law firm to defend me. Was very frustrated by the cost of the old style law firm and the poor client service and the overall lack of progress towards a resolution. Was referred to Calkins Law Firm by a neighbor and retained CLF to defend me. CLF’s team has supplied genuine expertise, excellence in client service and at relatively affordable cost. CLF has been attentive and aggressive and has the case headed in the right direction."

    ~ David

Our firm cares about the Cleveland business community.

Join us for events at the Center for Free Enterprise, where we are trying to build a community of Cleveland's best and brightest.

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